Dealer Sales & Marketing

  • Auto Mobility & Social: How to Crush It

    Andrew Street | Partner & CEO Dealer OMG

    Andrew is a social media expert with a 100% automotive focus. He will show you how to identify and connect to people with disabilities, parents of children with disabilities, and influencers. He will show you how to have your inventory go through car shoppers' personal mobile news feed, and the simple formula to budgeting your Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns to reach customers frequently and effectively.

  • This is How We Do It: Engaging Your Prospects

    Carmen Daniels Jones | President & CEO Solutions Marketing Group

    Carmen and her team have driven the disability marketing strategies for Fortune 100 companies including Visa, AT&T and American Express. She has been featured in numerous publications including the New York Times, Glamour & New Mobility. In this session participants will learn what drives consumer behavior for people with disabilities; understand how to create opportunities to add value to the communities they serve; and develop an action plan to boost community outreach and engagement.

  • Influencer Referrals & Strategy...Partnerships That Click

    Panel Discussion

    Lead generation is the lifeblood of any sales effort, but the question is - what works? Tap into the cumulative wisdom and experience of this marketing intelligensia panel and discover the most effective ways to connect your store with local influencers.


    Russ Newton – Howell Ventures, Ltd.

    Charlie Treadwell – VMI

    Dawn McCool – Superior Van & Mobility

    Monique McGivney – Ability Center

    Chris Paczak – Mobility Works

  • Case Studies: How to Actually Sell More Vehicles

    Aaron Gardner | Director of Consumer Channel Performance BraunAbility

    This session's title is pretty bold, but Aaron will back up the bravado with multiple case studies. Experience real-life examples of CRM implementation success stories and discover how the right CRM can create sales funnel visibility, help measure staff sales efforts & more.