Dealership Management

Note: The sessions below are from the 2018 event. 2019 schedule coming soon!

  • Exit Strategies: Back to the Future

    Panel Discussion

    Even without a time-traveling DeLorean, our industry's recent past can tell us plenty about the present and the future. Join us for this frank panel discussion of the elephant in the room - dealer consolidation. Learn how preparing your books can lead to better banking relationships, regardless of your exit plans, and how to position yourself for maximum value, no matter what your long term goals may be.

    Panelists to include: Gerhard Schmidt, CFO – MobilityWorks; Len Norten, CEO – Norten Consulting Group (former CFO of Performance Mobility); Brian Burke, VP – Garnett Station Partners; Darrell Heath, President/CEO – Ability Center; Kerensa Butler, CPA – RSM, US

    Moderator: Tim Barone – CEO, VMI

  • Are You the Dealer in Denial? Vital Insurance Issues You Need to Face.

    Patrick DeNobrega | Vice President PSA Insurance & Financial Services

    Don't be THAT know, the dealer who buries his head in the sand, hoping everything is fine. Changing the subject when insurance comes up. Time to get proactive, arm yourself with knowledge and get the ship right - before there's an issue.

  • It's Getting Personal: Customers' Information & Your Legal Obligations

    William Tierney | Executive Trainer Ally Financial

    Recent enforcement actions by the CFPB and FTC have caused many dealers to realize that a failure to focus on privacy issues can be very costly. In this session, attendees will learn about the importance of safeguarding customer information, keeping a sharp eye out for the red flags of identity theft, and maintaining up-to-date policies.

  • Tech Talent: The Keys to Recruiting & Retaining the Best

    Panel Discussion

    Join us for an industry panel discussion where you'll learn several valuable best practices for getting good folks - and keeping them.

    Panelists to include: Steven McElfresh – UTI Campus President; Michael Soehnlein – Head of Industry Partnerships, Lincoln Tech; and Joan Haskins, Senior Rehabilitation Counselor for Paralyzed Veterans of America.

  • Get That Target Off Your Back! How to Avoid Costly Lawsuits

    Michael Dolenga | Attorney at Law, Managing Partner Dolenga & Dolenga, PLLC

    In this session Michael Dolenga, a lawyer who represents dealerships and manufacturers, will present on litigation prevention and risk management issues. He will focus on preventing costly lawsuits for product issues, sales practices, or improper service. Michael will discuss how best to deal with difficult customers and have appropriate paperwork to prevent lawsuits from being filed in the first place. He will also address regulatory and other claims that can be brought against dealerships, including how best to respond to those and make sure that your dealership does not have exposure in those areas.