Dealer Sales & Marketing

The Skills to Pay the Bills…And Then Some

  • How to Market Like a Direct Seller

    Mystery Speaker

    "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em." Yeah, we know—you won't be joining the direct sellers anytime soon. But what would you think about stealing all their best ideas and leveling that playing field just a little bit?

  • Zen & the Art of Creating Influencer Connections

    Panel Discussion

    Breath deep, be calm. Place your hands in your lap and prepare to absorb the wisdom of these panelists and their sensei as they reveal the ancient secrets to creating, growing, and maintaining relationships with key, lead-generating influencers in your area. Oom...



    Sensei Randy Schiller – VMI



    Chris Carlisle – BraunAbility
    Cassy Churchill – BraunAbility
    Gina Lewis – Adapt Solutions
    Nik Remaker – A&J Mobility

  • Market Cultivation—Time for the Harvest

    Aaron Gardner BraunAbility

    In case you hadn't heard, Aaron's a rock star. Consistently our conference's top-ranked presenter, he's back with a unique approach to establishing your value in the community. Learn about sales calls specific to a certain influencer, building reciprocal relationships with DMEs and home modifiers, tuning into WIIFM, and how the farmer?


    Check back soon for our final Dealer Sales & Marketing session!