Innovation & Evolution

We had a great time in Charlotte!

Check out the education sessions that were available at the 2022 show.

  • Is the ICE Age Over? Electrification & Accessibility


    Everyone is talking about the impending sunset of the ICE age (internal combustion engine). But are these predictions overblown? Or premature, at least? Hear from both OEM insiders and mobility manufacturers as they shed light on the future of electrification.


    Kevin Frayne – BraunAbility
    Conor Kelly – Webster, Chamberlain & Bean
    Jaime Vanderhovel — General Motors

    Dave Goch – Webster, Chamberlain & Bean

  • The Power of Disability Employment

    Chris Carlisle BraunAbility

    Our industry provides Purpose with a capital "P," but dealers still demand a compelling business case for any hiring decision they make. In this data-driven session, Chris will open your eyes to the proven benefits of employing folks with disabilities, and how doing the right thing can tangibly and practically help your business.

  • What's the Story, Morning Glory?

    Geoffrey Klein NineDOTSMedia

    We've all heard of the art of storytelling, but is there a science as well? The answer is YES. Effective communication is critical in business and telling stories is a modern-day business necessity. Listen as Geoffrey shares examples of the impact of stories and learn a simple and effective format for telling compelling stories you can implement immediately.

  • Worlds Collide: Autonomous Vehicle Technology & Auto Mobility

    Bogdan Butoi Merlin Mobility

    As AV technology creeps deeper into the mainstream, the inevitable confluence with auto mobility is already underway. Join Bogdan Butoi as he reviews the current state of advanced driver assistance systems and discusses its applicability to your customers.