Dealership Management

Discovering New Tools to Solve Old Problems

  • Fixed Ops: Maximizing Your Shop's Potential

    Dan Walsh | Bussani Mobility

    Join one of the most respected operators in the business, Dan Walsh, as he takes you inside his shop to share some of the tips, tricks and insights that have boosted his profitability—and made him the envy of the auto mobility industry.

  • Growing the Commercial Side of the House

    Mark Minatel & Dennis Summers Driverge Vehicle Innovations

    Sure, there’s opportunity there, but there are also questions: what type of investment is required to consistently win commercial business? What products make the most sense in your market? Margins? Sales cycles? Gotchas? Listen, learn and ask your own questions during this unique session dedicated to the commercial side of the business.

  • The Dollars & Sense of Your Business


    You know the old mantra, "If you want to be successful, surround yourself with people smarter than you?" Step into this session and consider yourself surrounded. Learn about what financials matter most, and what you can do start doing immediately to improve your bottom line.


    Tim Barone, Chairman of the Board, VMI
    Chad Blake, Ability Center
    Gerhard Schmidt, President, Schmidt Business Consultants (former MobilityWorks CFO)
    Charlie Lincoln, Tempe Mobility

  • Managing Adaptive Mobility Risk: Past, Present, & Future

    John Kazanchy, Specialty Vehicle Consulting | Chris Woods, Fortress Partners

    This presentation will focus on three main liability segments for Adaptive Mobility dealers to include product liability, passenger safety, and auto procedures. We will explore the significant risks of the past that have been mitigated by product, policy and industry changes; the current driving forces in premium costs; and how to address these issues for the future.