Dealership Management

Finding New Weapons to Solve Old Problems

  • FOO Fighting the Good Fight


    Faced with increasing consolidation, FOO Fighter (Family Owned & Operated) dealerships are experiencing new and unique challenges. Tough times? Maybe - but these panelists aren't interested in whining about their problems; they are too focused on winning. It's times like these, they give and give again...



    Chuck Fortinberry – Revability



    Gary Colle – GoldenBoy Mobility
    Christina Duggan – Creative Mobility Group
    Corey Kupsh – A&J Mobility
    Christian Quandt – Advanced Wheels

  • Compliance Landmines & How to Avoid Them

    Eric Johnson Hudson Cook, LLP

    Do you secretly find dealer compliance strangely exciting? Neither does anyone else. Nonetheless, this is stuff you just gotta know. Join Eric (from the renowned firm Hudson Cook, counsel to hundreds of auto dealer clients) on a madcap adventure through a world teeming with danger! Kinda sounds strangely exciting...

  • The Number One Thing That Holds Us Back

    Sunjay Nath Engineering Human Performance

    In this fun, high-energy session, Keynote presenter Sunjay Nath dives deeper into the 10-80-10 principle, revealing how we can easily be trapped by our own limiting beliefs. The goal of this session is to help move people from impossible to possible.

  • Admit It: You're an Auto Dealer

    Steve Brazill National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Academy

    No, you're not a franchise dealer, but why not emulate their successes? In this session Steve will drill down on reconditioning and sales prep analytics, with an eye on measuring the impact of tied-up capital. Using real-world dealer data, he will demonstrate why shortening your cycle time can have a dramatic effect on your bottom line.