Dealership Management

Finding New Weapons to Solve Old Problems


Our 2021 lineup is yet to be determined, but check out what the 2020 event had to offer!

  • FOO Fighting the Good Fight


    Faced with increasing consolidation, FOO Fighter (Family Owned & Operated) dealerships are experiencing new and unique challenges. Tough times? Maybe - but these panelists aren't interested in whining about their problems; they are too focused on winning. It's times like these, they give and give again...



    Chuck Fortinberry – Revability



    Gary Colle – GoldenBoy Mobility
    Christina Duggan – Creative Mobility Group
    Corey Kupsh – A&J Mobility
    Christian Quandt – Advanced Wheels

  • Disruption in the Auto Industry: Revolution or Evolution

    Steve Brazill National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Academy

    Are we really ready for what is next? How willing is the public to replace vehicle ownership with non-ownership options like Uber? This session looked deep into NADA research on the matter. What they’ve found may surprise you.

  • 'Born to Run' a Great Dealership

    Tim Barone VMI

    The Boss couldn’t make it, so we booked the next best thing. If you don’t know Tim Barone, you better ask somebody. Considered one of the sharpest financial minds in the history of our industry, Tim drilled down into what makes great operators measurably more successful than their competition, with an emphasis on better financials. If you missed this session, you’re just Dancing in the Dark (ok, we’ll stop…).

  • Admit It: You're an Auto Dealer

    Steve Brazill National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Academy

    No, you're not a franchise dealer, but why not emulate their successes? In this session Steve drilled down on reconditioning and sales prep analytics, with an eye on measuring the impact of tied-up capital. Using real-world dealer data, he demonstrated why shortening your cycle time can have a dramatic effect on your bottom line.