Dealership Management

  • Alternative Funding Sources: Creative Ways to Make A Deal Go


    This session will not only acquaint you with funding sources you may not be aware of, but will reveal who can help you navigate them. Case studies will be included, PLUS: the pros & cons of various fundraising platforms.

    Sonny Mullen – Help Hope Love
    Gerhard Schmidt – Bridge to Mobility
    Dan Busanni – Busanni Mobility Team

    Alex Cook – Superior Van & Mobility


  • How to Attract New Tech Talent with NMEDA's Custom Recruitment Toolkit

    Jack Borgmeyer | President Borgmeyer Marketing Group

    We all know finding qualified, knowledgeable techs today is as hard as it's ever been - that's why NMEDA developed the Tech Recruitment Toolkit. Discover how easy it is to customize these free, members-only resources for video, social and in-person campaigns, then learn how to utilize these resources to attract quality candidates for your store.