DRS Bonus Education Session

  • Somebody's Turning the Wrench

    Amy Schoppman | Thursday, March 7, 2019 | 11 a.m - 12 p.m. 1 contact hour

    "But there's no QAP dealer in my area..." Ever felt that pain? It's not uncommon, but it is quite the dilemma sometimes. So, can anything be done? The presenters of this interactive, high-energy session will help attendees work through real-life installer situations that may not be ideal, while always coming back to one irrefutable point: SOMEBODY must be turning the wrench (doing the install). Are they qualified? They may well be. But without QAP accreditation, it is hard to be sure. This session will allow the attendee to discover the unaccredited but otherwise qualified installer; and learn how to leverage NMEDA staff and resources to help educate installers on becoming QAP accredited.